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Debra Gangale


Lisa Riznikove, Los Angeles, CA
Deb was our angel from heaven when our daughter had an allergic reaction to antibiotics. She educated us on how to use homeopathy to treat the ear infection and also gave us great tools on getting rid of the cold that brought it on.
Lorrie Todd, Divide, CO
Debra is a gifted and extremely skilled therapist. We had several phone sessions where her path of inquiry was expansive and probing. Debra was able to isolate and recommend a homeopathic therapy for me that put an end to my issue. I am so grateful.
David Fauvre Menlo Park, CA
Debra has that rare combination of not only expertise in her field but of being able to quickly connect deeply with her clients. I felt listened to and that she quickly and accurately understood my health challenges.
Nathalie Fino Hollywood, CA
I have been using homeopathy for over 16 years now. I come from Germany, its country of origin. I was quite surprised when I moved to California that it wasn't more known and popular as a healing modality. Meeting Debra was a real blessing because she knows the variety and the remedies very well and in combination with her intuitive perception, it makes her a true healer
Pat Barragan, Santa Monica, CA
Debra was recommended to me by a trusted friend who had positive and constructive results from working with her. She asked thoughtful questions about my life and feelings. She pointed out connections and behaviors I had not considered. The remedies she suggested were subtle and, over time, powerful.
Jamie Hammond
My first session with Debra Gangale addressed deep seated themes, and I saw change in my life. Every session is focused and gives maximum results. I have been very happy with the results. I would recommend Debra more than 100%.