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Debra Gangale



Debra Gangale MA, CCC is a homeopath practicing in Santa
Monica and Hollywood, California.

Her introduction to the healing professions was as a Speech
Language Pathologist. In her 25 years of experience, she observed that many clients had significant issues apart from their original complaint, which posed blocks and slowed normal treatment.

In pursuing this ideal, Debra was introduced to classical
homeopathy which changed her life and inspired her to attend The Homeopathic Academy of Southern California for three years of intensive study followed by a year of internship.

These experiences confirmed that healing must address the person
as a whole and deeply get at the core of the problem, so that the
energy in the body could be strengthened and balanced for gentle, effective and long lasting results.

Obstacles to cure can be addressed and vitality, balance and healthy
living can return through the full spectrum healing of homeopathy.

Debra is the author of "The Updated and Revised Source for Oral
Motor Head and Neck Exercises" and a DVD, "154 Homeopathic Remedies".