Classical Homeopathy

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Debra Gangale


Classical Homeopathy promotes health by creating harmony in a body
that has become off balance. Homeopathy is deep acting and precise.

Debra Gangale is a classical homeopath serving individuals and families in
achieving optimum health.

Debra has worked in hospitals, clinics, schools, private practice and has
lectured nationally.

She has authored two books and a DVD - “154 Homeopathic Remedies”.

The first step is a brief phone consultation. We will address your concerns
and how homeopathy works. There is no charge or obligation for this.

Next is a two hour, in-depth, question and answer session - continued with
phone and email follow-ups.

A remedy is chosen and recommended. Follow-up consultations are scheduled,
as needed, to monitor your progress.

There is absolutely no charge or obligation for the
Phone Consultation.

Debra Gangale is available for in-person consultations and treatment in
Santa Monica and Hollywood, California.

Telephone and email consultations are also available.